After the fire, 3 simple steps for regenerating you and our environment


Australians are enduring an incredibly challenging year. Throughout summer we witnessed ferocious Mega fires burning through the East Coast of Australia, destroying homes, lives and millions of plants and animals. Life as we once knew it is now being challenged again by the global health pandemic. Each of us has been been impacted in different ways however we can all relate to feelings of fear, anxiety, loss, grief, isolation and uncertainty about the future.

As an Australian artist making jewellery from natural elements I've collected from our native landscape I feel a deep obligation to care for the precious resource my work derives from. The events of summer were heartbreaking for me to watch. I found myself questioning the choices I make on a daily basis and the impact they are having on our environment. Throughout lockdown I realised how dependent I am on the natural world for finding physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance in my life. Below are two great articles I discovered that explore our relationship with the natural world, the impacts we are having on the environment and ways we can improve our own well being and the health of our planet
at the same time.

This year Planet Ark released an independent research report titled:
TheTree Report, Regenerating Our Land, Our People, Our Future

The report brings together scientific research and expert opinion to evaluate the impact of the bush fires and the Covid 19 pandemic on Australia's Environment, People and Wildlife. It discusses the importance of biodiversity in our natural habitats. We as humans are a part of the existing bio-diverse environment. Whilst Australia is naturally resilient we are pushing our natural habitats to their tolerance threshold. Once this threshold has been passed the environment will permanently change in an effort to stabilise itself. This new environment will be relatively less stable and less bio-diverse, many of the wonderful plants, animals and birds Australia is home to will no longer exist and the question remains how will we fit into this new picture? The report encourages us to become involved
with the environment around us stating that “Human and Ecological resilience are linked” and offers lots of practical tips and ways we can get involved.


In January this yearThe UN Environment Programme released an article
Ten Impacts of theAustralian Bush fires

LikeTheTree report this article discusses how we are living in a world where our biodiversity is in steep decline, going on to say that “globally over 1 million species are currently facing extinction”. Mega fires fuel the loss of habitat and food sources. Climate change increases the risk of Mega fires. The report also states that public attitudes are changing despite conflicting information surrounding the link between climate change and mega fires “this bush fire season has givenAustralians, and the watching world an insight into the humanitarian, ecological and economic catastrophes of a changing
and warming climate”.

So how can you begin to make some changes today?

1. GET CURIOUS: Step outside into nature and discover the immense beauty that surrounds you. The simple act of going for a for a bush walk or a stroll along the beach opens your senses up to another reality, helping you find clarity, balance and well being. Getting curious will help you find your unique way of connecting with the natural world.

2. GET CONNECTED: Follow through on the inspiration spending time in nature gives you. You might feel like cooking with beautiful fresh produce, planting and caring for a tree or some house plants or drawing and painting pictures inspired by nature. All of these activities will improve your well being and deepen your connection to our environment.

3. CARE: Connecting with nature sparks a desire to care for our planet. If your short on ideas pick up a piece of plastic. This simple act opened my eyes up to the damage we are doing to our world. Other great ideas include joining a local volunteer group working closely with the environment or supporting one of these hard working organisations through a small monthly donation.

Each one of us are an important part of the biodiversity in our environment. Find your unique way of seeing, connecting and caring for our home. Every little bit we all do can and will make a difference.

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My name is Sarah JayneTaylor, I'm an Australian Artist that handcrafts bespoke jewellery inspired by the magnificent flora and fauna of Australia's native landscape. My journey making botanic jewellery has led me to understand the effect our modern lives have on the environment more deeply, and sparked a desire to continuously find supportive and sustainable ways to work and live .You can view my work or contact me at

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