About Us

"Spark your curiosity and connection to the natural world"

Australia is home to the most unique collection of flora and fauna on earth. Almost 80 percent of all our species are only found here. We invite you to explore this wonderous natural world and awaken your senses to the rich beauty and diversity that surrounds you. 


Natura jewellery is created by respectfully collecting elements like leaves, seeds, pods, shells, tree bark and flowers from our native environment. Gathering is always best right after a thunder storm, rain and wind blows the most beautiful elements to the ground. Using a variety of time honed techniques we create impressions of each element and then produce them in sterling silver, bronze, brass and gold.

Silver bronze and brass have been selected for their natural patina and oxidising qualities. These are perfect for representing natural elements, adding richness and tonal variation to your piece. Some of our pieces also feature carefully selected natural coloured gemstones.

Each piece of natura jewellery is unique and has been individually handcrafted into a fine quality piece of jewellery for you. 



Sarah Taylor began her career in fine jewellery 15 years ago. She studied Gemmology and Diamond grading and completed her Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture in 2011.

For many years Sarah has worked with some of Sydney's premium jewellery stores designing and producing fine jewellery for clients along side Sydney's finest craftspeople.  

Natura Jewellery was born out of a desire to produce quality jewellery that is affordable to everyone and represents the beauty of our natural world in a balanced and creative way.




Currently 1800 Australian native plants and animals are at risk of becoming extinct. 

We are committed to helping protect threatened species by donating a portion of our profits to, and The Seedling Bank.  These organisations work closeley with the native habitats of birds and animals that are endangered, ensuring their is a safe place for them to live and breed. 

As we continue to grow we look forward to being able to make a greater contribution as well as evolving the ways we extend our help and support. 

Each piece of Natura Jewellery is proudly hand crafted in Sydney, Australia.