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Natura jewellery has evolved from a deep connection with the natural world and a growing desire to support habitat and wildlife conservation.

Australia is home to the most unique collection of flora and fauna in the world with as much as 80 percent of all species only being found here. Currently 1800 of our plants and animals are at risk of becoming extinct. 

We are committed to helping protect threatened species by donating 10% of our profits to and These organisations work closeley with the native habitats of birds and animals that are endangered, ensuring their is a safe place for them to live and breed. 



Natura Jewellery is created respectfully by collecting elements from our natural world like leaves, seeds, pods and shells. We lovingly handmake moulds of each element and cast them in recycled silver, bronze, brass and gold. 

Each piece is then individially handcrafted into a quality piece of jewelley for you.

Natura is proudly Australian made and owned and supports Australian small business.