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Melaleuca labradorite silver pendant
Labradorite silver pendant
Melaleuca Labradorite Silver Pendant
Labradorite silver earrings

Melaleuca Labradorite Silver Pendant

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Subtly textured melaleuca leaves forged in sterling silver wrap effortlessly around a majestic labradorite cabochon to create a breathtaking Australian botanic pendant. 

  • Pendant drop length 40mm x 12mm
  • 48cm trace chain adjustable to 42cm
  • Weight 8.3 grams
  • Express shipping for your convenience

Melaleuca are a genus of almost 300 beautiful plants, most of which are endemic to Australia. More commonly known as Paperbarks, Honey Myrtle and Tea Tree, they are adaptable and resilient, however many species are now rare and endangered. 

These striking Melaleuca leaves have been collected from the estuarine plains of the NSW coast line where Melaleuca trees create protective forests for native insects, birds and mammals to thrive within.