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Samara silver stud earrings
Samara silver stud earrings
Samara oxidised silver earrings
Samara rose gold earrings

Samara Silver Stud Earrings

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A pair of geometrical Samara pods captured in sterling silver transform into contemporary silver stud earrings that will elevate and inspire you with their natural beauty.

  • Samara 12.5mm round
  • Weight 2.4 grams per earring
  • Sterling silver: polished, rose or yellow gold plated Samara
  • Made to order within 5 working days
  • Express shipping for your convenience

Allocasuarina trees are a distinctive part of Australia's coastal landscape. Notable for their long branchlet like pine needles, woody samaras and uniquely textured tree bark.

These versatile plants are able to flourish in poor sandy soils and are frequently found holding eroding landscapes together with their vast root system. Along our estuarines they help to maintain water quality.

Allocasuarina and Casuaraina trees form a family of 65 flowering trees that are endemic to Australia.